A visit to a place of historical interest essay

As soon as a person reaches close to the building, he forgets the world altogether. Its workmanship is superb. The mausoleum looks like a fairy dressed in a spotless white attire. A huge crowd was there including many foreigners. When the President of U. The Fort stands on the banks of the river Yamuna with double walls to protect it.

Though built as a mausoleum for the beautiful queen, Taj Mahal stands and speaks unquestionably the glory and taste of Shahjahan and his inordinate love for his wife. It took me twelve hours to reach Taxila, a distance of four hundred kilometers.

A Visit To The Place of Historical Interest

During the last three centuries, the glory of the Taj has not dimmed the least. I feel mentioning a few words about Mr. My visit to this place opened my inner eyes and gave me an insight into our ancient heritage.

Our minds went back to the times of Shah Jahan when he built this building at a high cost. There was an elaborate system of drainage. The last place I saw was a large village where excavations were still going on. Also known as somapur Mahavihara, it is the largest single Buddhist monastery in the Indian sub-continent.

Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place – Taj Mahal

The monastery city represents a unique artistic achievement of our ancient people. I visited such a place few weeks back along with some of my close friends. It still commands the first position among the buildings of the world.

Short essay on A Visit to a Historical Place – The Taj Mahal

It was built by him in the memory of his wife called Mumtaz Mahal. It is located to the kilometers northwest of Dhaka. The chief designer is said to be Ustad Ahmad Lahori.

Agra is in U. It stands outside the city of Agra on the banks of river, Yamuna. I had one such experience during the.

I learnt that after the streets were destroyed by the Huns by fire, there were only the walls felt. Taj Mahal is a very beautiful historical monument of India was built in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan.

My visit to this place opened my inner eyes and gave me an insight into our ancient heritage. The streets were perfectly straight and at right angle to one another and with a perfect drainage system.

It is a symbol of immortal love. There are four tall minarets on each corner of this platform. The Taj Mahal is a fine example of Mughal architecture. The civilization which flourished there is known as the Indus Valley Civilization.

It flourished some five hundred years ago and is one of the oldest cities in the world. Seoul only takes up a mere 0.

The four tall minerates of the tomb can be seen from a distance. Essay on “A Visit to a Historical Place” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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Aug 08,  · A Visit to Historical Place English Essay on "A Visit to Historical Place" Points: Introduction – A short history – A description of the place – Visit to museum – The guide – Conclusion.

A Visit to a Place of Historical Interest India is a country where many dynasties came and left their mighty marks in her lap. Bengal especially Murshidabad, the last capital city of independent Bengal was the part of her history.

Dec 19,  · Write a paragraph about VISIT TO A PLACE OF HISTORICAL INTEREST by answering the questions below: ===== a) Have you visited any plce of historical interest recently?

They select places of historical and scientific interest to visit. Those going to Delhi will not miss to visit Agra and see the Taj Mahal. At Agra besides the Taj Mahal they can also seen the Agra Fort and Fathepuri Sikri which was for some time the capital of Moghul Emperor, Shahjahan.

A visit to a place of historical interest essay
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