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We must plan our Commerce education system according to the needs of International market. The concepts taught and the perceptive nature of Commerce allows students to apply their knowledge gained from mathematics in a practical sense.

What is necessary is the willingness to learn. Instead of talking generally, let us come to the reality or specifics for revitalizing commerce education. The study of commerce helps in flourishing trade. One is never too old to learn. The motive of Commerce Education should be to train such professionals who can work for the promotion of commerce and trade of the country.

Pakistan is an up-growing country. Our market is vast and their requirements are varied. Unpopularity of commerce at competitive examinations: It is not keeping pace with the changing business environment Many a time commerce graduates are found lacking communication and decision-making skills.

They are giving employment offers much before the course is complete. Industry is asking for designing special courses and they are sponsoring candidates. Further, it is not properly understood by the administrators also. If the courses are designed as per the requirements and the students are trained on those lines, then, the courses become relevant and the product saleable, instead of preparing the courses in an all pervasive manner without any market in mind.

Our trade can only flourish if it Has the right kind of professionals. Private institutions are also providing commerce education in Pakistan. Economic activities and aims dominate the minds of modern men. In India, there are many small and tiny industrial units, particularly in the rural areas which need management orientation and a fair dose of management culture.

In such a situation it is but natural that the popularity of the course declines. S are favourite and popular courses. High student low teacher ratio.

Commerce Education Essay Sample

But mostly confined to open universities and correspondence courses. Further, it is not properly understood by the administrators also. Submit the paper details, upload files, and provide contact information — you are almost done.

The much needed practical bias also can be brought in with the developments in information technology, and with the help of a colour television, video cassettes and computers. The changes are very fast and our courses also must keep pace with the changes. In case of other professional streams viz. We cannot stop suddenly what is happening.

There must be computer papers even at U. Elicit the industry needs and requirements. Inshallah Pakistan will get its prominent position in the world through modern education and its productive resources will become strong soon in the future.

The usefulness and the Importance of commerce as a subject can be described as following. Enter necessary information into the order form Provide payment details 2 Submit payment details Choose the most convenient payment method among more than ten available options.

The University Department should take the lead. Untrained and ill-equipped teachers. Table-4 presents the number of commerce students State-wise and Table-5 presents the distribution of students in higher education in percentage terms.

Commerce Education - Essay Example

Peace is necessary so that citizens can engage in commercial activities and education. Commerce Education Essay Sample. The broad objectives of the University education are, liberal education with the aim of fostering in the students an attitude of objective enquiry and some understanding of the society and social change, of the problems of human relationships and the human and social implications of technological change, and.

I believe Commerce teaching in education is highly beneficial to students, especially as they are getting closer to entering the ‘real world’.

Studying Commerce provides students with the opportunity to engage in the learning process and encourages them to analyse current events and issues. Commerce education essay November 21, Recent research paper on global warming essay on world nature conservation day gadget addiction essays essay on world nature conservation day goals of washington center for real estate research paper.

Most of the Education Commissions have held that commerce education is primarily meant for providing the students in-depth knowledge of different functional areas of business so as to prepare people required by the community for the purposes of trade, commerce and industry.

The progress of freedom depends upon the establishment of a society in which no single group or class dominates and imposes their will upon all others, which, as Cobden correctly states, presupposes peaceful conditions, commercial activities and educational opportunities for its members.

Sep 13,  · English Essay on "Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan" The study of Interchange of merchandise on a large scale between the nations of the world is called Commerce. All the subjects related with commerce education are helpful in trade and Industrial development.

Commerce education essay
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